Straying off the beaten path to see the Southwestern Invitational

8 thoughts on “Straying off the beaten path to see the Southwestern Invitational”

  1. I would have expected a more insightful review. I guess it must have been written by a part-timer.


    1. Hi Scott — You provided me with an opportunity to reiterate to readers that I run this blog independently, out of my love for local art, and entirely at my own expense, with no expectation of income. Thanks for stopping by the blog — for free!


  2. Thanks for your gracious response to my rather snarky comment. Let me see if I can clarify my reaction to your blogpost in a more constructive way.

    We all have our favorites and we all have work we recognize (often these happen to be one in the same thing). When you speak of work that overshadows other work in a show, I would like to know more about how you arrived at your opinion. To point out, rightly of course, that some work is stronger than others but not make an effort to explain your taste cheats the reader of your insight and gives them nothing to think about further.

    I bristled at your characterization that work which did not measure up must have been created by “part-timers”. To assume that art made that didn’t suit your taste was made by people who lack a commitment to their work took me aback.

    Thanks again for being a good sport, Debora, and thanks especially for helping to draw attention to this fine show.


    1. Thanks for clarifying things, Scott. I didn’t mean to minimize part-time work of any kind, but I see how I could have worded that sentence better. Thanks again for checking out my blog.


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