Friendly faces from Art Detour 26

And how was your Art Detour experience of March 8-9, 2014? Art Detour is, after all, the reigning art walk experience in central Phoenix, running for a whole weekend each spring and usually occurring in our best Chamber of Commerce weather. Art Detour 26 encompassed about six dozen galleries, art spaces and artist studios in an event organized by Artlink Phoenix. Over the years, the wide-ranging art walk has had a knack for attracting Phoenix residents and tourists who might not normally venture into art districts like Roosevelt Row, Grand Avenue and Calle 16. And so it seemed this year, too, from the diversity of event-goers that I could see.

I knew I didn’t stand a chance of reviewing very many of the shows, so I concentrated on getting photographs of artists in their element, standing alongside their work. The artists were gracious, friendly and happy to shed light on their work. Grand Avenue seemed especially lively for a Sunday afternoon.

There are several galleries I regretted not having time for, including the new ASU Grant St. Studios, Arizona Center’s Obliq Art, the new 720 Gallery, The Icehouse, 1Spot, The Hive and the Olney Gallery at Trinity Cathedral. Please do click onto their websites and see the rich variety of art that they offer. And like me, you should plan a visit in the near future.

For several excellent recaps of Art Detour 26 shows, read The Downtown Devil here.


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